Where To Buy Film for Polaroid 300 in Bulk?

Polaroid was the pioneer in instant photography, so it’s no wonder that there are people still loyal to the brand.

The Polaroid 300 instant camera is one of the most portable and popular models the company makes.

However, with the advent of digital photography, there are not that many Polaroid stores to get film supplies from.

One of the merchants who sell films for the Polaroid 300 instant camera online is GadgetBasket.

Here are some of their offers:

1. Polaroid PIC-300 Films, 10 packs by ten prints each

Polaroid PIC-300 Films

GadgetBasket makes available Polaroid PIC-300 films in sets of 10 pack, each good for 10 prints.

This instant film makes credit card size prints in glossy color.

Each set of ten packs is offered for $139.99 and shipping is free.

Gift wrapping and next day delivery are available.

2. Polaroid PIF-300 Films, 2 packs by ten prints each

Polaroid PIF-300 Films 2 packs

For people who do not need as much instant film, GadgetBasket offers the Polaroid PIF 300 instant film in two x 10 print packs.

The set of two packs is priced at $39.99 with free shipping.

Gift wrap and next day delivery are options on offer.

3. Polaroid PIF-300 Films, 3 packs by ten prints each

Polaroid PIF-300 Films 3 packs

If you need about thirty instant film prints, the 3-pack offer from GadgetBasket may provide the best fit. Each pack of Polaroid PIF-300 film makes ten color prints for a total of thirty. The 3-pack set is offered for $49.99, and even include a free microfiber cleaning cloth, and free shipping. You can also opt for next day delivery and gift wrap.

4. Polaroid PIF-300 Films, 5 packs by ten prints each

Polaroid PIF-300 Films 5 packs

GadgetBasket offers Polaroid PIF-300 Instant Film for 300 series cameras in sets of five packs.

Every pack provides ten color glossy prints so you get a total of fifty with each set.

Price for each 5 pack set is $79.99 which also includes free shipping.

You can also choose to have it gift wrapped and/or delivered the next day.

When you are looking at deals and prices from the same merchant, the price goes down as the volume of the order goes up.

But since buying more than you need does not really work out well, you need to determine and order only the quantity you need.