Where to buy Canon SELPHY printers?

Long time ago, we used to sit in front of our computer all day, working on our documents and spent the entire day printing out tons of documents. This makes our time less efficient and keep ourselves stucked in doing only one task at a time.

Then, here comes the birth of laptops and the rest follows. Through this revolution, we can now multi-task and perform responsibilities not only limited in our home and office premise. In the era of digital media, when it comes to gadgets, most of the criteria that we try to look for are the portability of the device wherein it can easily be used whenever and wherever we may go.

Where to buy Canon SELPHY printers

From mobile phones, to laptops, to notebooks and cameras, everything is rapidly changing when it comes to device improvising and updating its specifications. The bulky and stationary devices, become handy and mobile. The complicated process turned out to be easy, swift and user-friendly.

They are all competing to be the best in the market and those who refuse to adopt in the demand of the consumers nowadays, most likely end up being left behind.  But hey, before I may talk much about digital competition, let us focus more on talking about printers!

Canon had always been known of its dye sublimation feature that had sold-out a lot of their Selphy snapshot printer over the years.  Just a little overview of what dye-sublimation is – it is a process of digital printing technology using full color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates.

Unlike inkjet printers, the print result of a printer that has dye-sublimation feature is already dry and ready to handle as soon as they exit the printer. The whole printing cycle is extremely clean and there are no liquid inks to clean up- leaving the result free of grain.

Because of the need of the people to easily print digital photos at their convenience, and using a conventional type of printer which requires for us to turn on our computer in order to print may not be a preferred method by the consumers.

We seek for a printing device that we can take with us anywhere and at anytime. With so many choices at hand, you might try to ask yourself what could be the best choice among these numerous list of printers being advertised to us. Well, the good news here is that Canon made things easy for us!

Here, I’ll suggest where we can best buy the two most acclaimed printers from Canon – the Canon CP1200 and Canon CP910

1. Canon SELPHY CP1200

Canon SELPHY CP1200

Do you love to travel often, live a mobile lifestyle and is fond of capturing moments on a real-time basis?

Well, this Canon CP1200 model is perfect for your needs.  Designed for its portability, Canon made sure that this printer can satisfy your necessity of printing documents or pictures on a daily basis without compromising your time by making it compact and convenient.

With a highlighted feature of optional direct-attachable battery which can print 54 photos in a single charge; this printer comes in two (2) colors that you could choose from, namely: black and white.

It has this Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect through wireless directly.

You can use your smart phones to connect printing as well.  It is designed to provide accurate color reproduction by having the dye sublimation feature resulting to high-quality images that are free of grain.

Canon boasted about its water resistant coating that helps you keep photos lasting up to 100 years.  It has this SD Card slot and USB port for storage and data transfer.

Furthermore, this CP1200 are specifically designed to print credit card size and postcard size images.  Ideally, the Canon CP1200 is perfect for outdoor photo shoots wherein you can plug-in the camera and print the photo immediately.

You may order this printer through Amazon with a price of: $99.90 & FREE Shipping.

2. Canon SELPHY CP 910

Canon SELPHY CP 910

Just like the first Canon printer that we had discussed awhile ago, Canon CP910 is highly portable and ideal for people living a mobile lifestyle.

It has a more professional appearance and you may choose from colors – black, blue and white. It has this sufficient resolution for producing good quality documents and photos.  It includes this Wi-Fi feature wherein you can print wirelessly and enables you to use your smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices in doing smart printing without having the hassle of turning on your computer.

It is airprint enabled which is ideal for your iOS and Mac devices.  Canon CP910 allows you to print up to 108 pictures in 4×6 sizes, incorporated with image optimization and borderless printing.

Just like the Canon CP1200, it has a built-in memory card slot and USB port for for storage and data transfer.  It is very user-friendly, that even kids can operate.  Moreover, Canon CP910 is ideal for home and office use.

There are actually a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect printing device that suite to your preference and budget. Aside from that, you need to put into consideration the purpose of having the printer.

A photo printer may not be ideal if it is only for general use. While on the other hand, an inkjet laser may not be suitable if your desire is to print more photos than a few per week.

Canon are just one of the few brands that I can highly recommend not only because of the label or brand itself but most importantly it had been proven to be of good quality, durable and is guaranteed to create superior images all throughout these years.