Holga Plastic Fisheye Lens for 35mm Cameras

Be more creative and add fun to your picture taking hobby with the Holga plastic fisheye lens. It’s fully functional and very efficient in taking panoramic shots. All these come in a very affordable price.

Basically, this fisheye lens can be used for Holga 135 and Holga 135BC 35 mm cameras.

The product comes in a box and inside, you’ll find a pouch containing the fisheye lens. The package comes with an owner’s manual noting how to take care of the lens and how to actually use it. The fisheye lens comes with a cap to protect it from scratch.


This Holga plastic fisheye lens is much cheaper compared to other similar brands and products. Its function is quite decent enough especially if you consider its price.

The fisheye lens can easily be used by just putting and sliding it on top of the camera lens. It snugly fits as well so it’ll not easily fall off from the camera. You can actually take it on and off from the camera lens without any problem.

Holga Plastic Fisheye Lens for 35mm Cameras


Compared to other fisheye lens, this product does not have as powerful fisheye effect as the others. The image that comes from the fisheye lens may look like peeping through a door eye hole. However, the product is still great when you want to be more creative with your photos.


Overall, the Holga fisheye lens is a good choice. It’s not too expensive and it’s not too cheap either. So if you’re not that limited with your budget, you can easily choose this product and enjoy capturing panoramic images.